About Us

We are a backyard Hobby Farm. We love our chickens and our customers. 

4 years ago in March of 2019 my chicken journey began with 9 baby chicks from our local feed store.  And that is when the Chicken Saga began! Our 9 "OGs" I call them started with our all time favorite rooster Falcon and his eight ladies: Frecklebutt, Nosey Rosey, Buffy, Belinda, Beatrice, Big Bertha, Houdini and Henny Penny.  All we have left of those OGs are Frecklebutt, Nosy Rosey, Big Bertha, Belinda, Houdini and Henny Penny.  

In the past 4 years of chicken ownership we have absolutely fallen in love with chickens, I wear my poor husband OUT with building this and building that.  We have had various illnesses, deaths, hatchings, broody mommas, predator attacks, etc.  I have gained SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE and still know I don't even know but a tiny bit of what is out there to know! I am committed to loving my birds, hatching healthy chicks, making new friends and helping them keep THEIR flock healthy after the fact.  I encourage others to connect with me and just TALK CHICKENS any time.  I am absolutely crazy about my babies.  

We are currently on Facebook for most things chicken related, but I wanted to create an avenue of communication outside of Facebook alone. 

Thank you for taking the time to read the "About Us" section and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

Angela Strobl

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